Exhibitions | Collaborations | Untold Stories

Showcase is RAMM’s web platform for digital exhibitions, collaborations and untold stories. It lets viewers experience creative work, co-curation and stories based on the museum’s amazing collections. 

Digital exhibitions 

Like exhibitions in the museum any digital exhibition goes through a rigorous process before it is featured on the website. Exhibitions on Showcase make full use of web media to bring visual, text and audio content to life. Exhibitions are only displayed for a fixed period of time so don’t miss them! 


RAMM works with community groups, schools, artists, partner organisations and individuals on all manner of creative products. Where these result in co-creation with digital products Showcase will display them. 

Untold Stories 

With over 1,000,000 objects in the collections from many collectors and donors there are plenty of stories still to tell. Museum staff will work with artists, researchers and communities to bring some of these untold stories to life in Showcase.