Exeter City Council Wildlife Photography at Home Competition

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At the beginning of 2021 during the third national lockdown, Exeter City Council partnered with Devon Wildlife Trust to ask residents of Exeter to capture images of wildlife in their gardens and backyards. This amateur photography competition aimed to promote mental wellbeing during a difficult time and to encourage people to notice the diversity of wildlife where they live.

Stephen Hussey of Devon Wildlife Trust, said: “The UK’s gardens cover an area larger than all the nation’s nature reserves put together. This means they are a crucial resource for our wildlife. In turn, our gardens are often the place that most of us get our closest encounters with nature. Watching birds come to our birdfeeders and seeing bumblebees visit our garden flowers are everyday wildlife experiences which are special, and a reminder of just how rich in nature our gardens are.”

A selection of photographs have been chosen for Showcase from the numerous outstanding entries to the competition. This digital display complements the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition from the Natural History Museum, currently showing in the main galleries at RAMM.

Close-up photograph of a bumblebee collecting pollen from the centre of a vibrant pink flower.
Adelaide Ward, ‘Bee on Pink Flower’



Paul Bray, ‘Blackbird’
Photograph of a Blackbird hiding in the grass and looking off towards the left.
Close-up photograph of a ladybird crawling on a strand of wheat.



Christina Carpenter, ‘7-Spot Ladybird Looking for a Cosy Place to Overwinter’



David Flint, ‘Female Southern Hawker Dragonfly’

David’s photograph was the winning entry to the competition.

A close-up photograph of a green and brown Southern Hawker dragonfly perched on the edge of a newspaper.
Photograph of a Robin perched on a tree branch looking off to the left.



Andrew Coventry, ‘European Robin (Erithacus Rubecula)’



Jenny Lees, ‘Lazy Squirrel’
Photograph of a squirrel lying on a wooden garden fence with its arms and legs dangling.



Pam Gurney, ‘Dancing Robin’
Photograph of a Robin perched on a twig on the grass, with its wings outstretched and looking at the camera.



Paul Osborne, ‘Crab Spider on a Spring Starflower’
Close-up photograph of a white crab spider perched on the petal of a white Starflower.
Photograph of a swan flapping its wings on the water.



Algirdas Stasiukaitis, ‘Swan Dancing’



Geoff Pettinger, ‘Sparrowhawk with Pigeon’
Photograph of a Sparrowhawk attacking a Pigeon on grass with its wings outstretched.

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