Shots taken: books, bars and beyond

An exhibition of photographs by RAMM’s youth panel

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This exhibition aims to reveal the typically misunderstood experience of University students. Often living away from home for the first time, the transition from school student to undergraduate can be imagined as a journey from a childhood bedroom in boxes to a picture of nights out, library tables overflowing and teary calls to parents during exam season. However, this collection aims to reframe this experience as more than a balance between midweek pub crawls and 9am lectures.

The project reflects the mundane but life-shaping experiences of student life that are often left out of shot. From acts of student activism, to intimate moments with new friends, this exhibition shows the experiences of belonging, friendship, loneliness and excitement as perhaps the most valuable aspects of education. Whilst the series only reflects the experiences of a small number of students from the Museum’s Youth Panel, the insights it provides aims to provide a better understanding of what it means to be a University student in the UK today.

Book, tea cup, bowl and laptop on a table

Two views of a room one with a bed and one showing a blind and a shelf

A photo showing a radiator and a view down a street

A lawn with a path bordered by trees

A lawn with a multistory building in the background

Students with umbrellas walking up a path

Students in a canteen

Two photos showing shelves in a food shop and bookshelves in a libraray

Book and computer on a desk in the library

Student asleep in a lecture

Looking down into the Forum

View of students sat on picnic benches

Two types of chips in a canteen

Two students on a sofa surrounded by bookshelves

Two photos of a protest showing students marching and a table with a banner

A poster stuck on a wall

Tents outside university buildings

Student carrying a bicycle across the campus

Student walking to a corner shop

Two photos at twilight with one of a road and one of a railway

A table covered with food in tins and packets

A meal laid out on a table ready to be eaten

Student sat on a bed looking at a laptop

Students walking along a road in fancy dress

Two photos with one showing students playing pool and showing students dancing

Opening a fizzy drink and liquid exploding over the person opening it

Remains of a takeaway on the floor

View of houses through a window

A desk by a window showing the the houses opposite

This project was developed as part of a programme of activities organised in collaboration with RAMM’s youth panel which was set up in November 2019 with Art Fund support.  RAMM’s youth panel members worked together with local photographer Brendan Barry and RAMM’s curator of contemporary art to create an exhibition of photographs that reflect their experience of living and studying in Exeter. Through a series of hands on workshops with Brendan, the group explored aspects of identity, culture and community through the lens. Capturing complexities and challenging preconceptions the resulting images reflect the experiences of a particular group of students from a particular moment in time.

Group photo of the Youth Panel in a gallery

RAMM’s Youth Panel with Skills Officer Sophie Harbour

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